FutureSpine® Model

Can you envision your client’s spine 20 years into the future?

Now you can—with FutureSpine® models from OrthoClick®

Our FutureSpine® models project your client’s spine condition 20 years into the future. This custom made, fully interactive, animated digital spine model reflects post-traumatic or post surgical degenerative conditions commonly associated with the following:

  • Fractures
  • Annular tears
  • Disc protrusions or herniations
  • Facet joint injuries
  • Spine surgeries

The accelerated formation of these degenerative changes are universally accepted among reputable spine physicians and researchers and can be validated in the spine literature. Proven and accepted principles within the spine literature form the foundation of the FutureSpine® concept.

We make these precise projections by understanding the conclusions found in the spine literature and by using spine experts to oversee the modeling process who have knowledge of the following factors:

  • Presence or absence of spine surgery
  • Discectomy vs. Fusion
  • One level vs. Multi-level Fusion or Surgeries
  • Type of Surgical Instrumentation or Implants
  • Pre-op Spine Condition at Adjacent Non-operated levels
  • Annular Tear or Disc Herniation Present in the Absence of Surgery
  • Presence, Type, and Location of any Fractures
  • Patient Demographics

Our FutureSpine® package includes three, 3D, fully interactive models constructed from the Original post-accident or post-surgical image, and Best and Worst case scenarios 20 years into the future. Each of these models can be viewed independently or compared simultaneously. You may freely navigate anywhere inside your client’s spine model with the use of your computer mouse or touch pad. Zoom in and navigate through epidural fibrosis, near enlarged and degenerative facet joints, and up close to pedicle screws. Explore your client’s central stenosis or herniated disc.

The use of a FutureSpine® model
  • Works in tandem with the opinions of your expert witness
  • Helps leverage your position when negotiating future medical care settlements
  • Educates the jury, judge, or opposing counsel about the extent of your client’s injuries and projected future expenses
  • Clearly demonstrates future changes that will occur in your client’s spine in an extraordinary fashion
  • Uses extensive spine literature to support the conclusions

How It Works

  • Send OrthoClick® a copy of your clients post-accident or post-surgical MRI scan or available image. We will complete a custom 3D interactive model of the image provided.
  • OrthoClick® will construct a FutureSpine® model. This will include a Best Case and Worst Case scenario that demonstrates post-traumatic and post surgical degenerative changes 20 years into the future. The construction of this model is based on valid and reputable findings in the spine literature, known alterations in spine biomechanics due to surgery or injury, and client demographics.
Clearly understand and visualize
  • Adjacent Segment Disease following spinal fusion
  • Delayed Post Single Level Discectomy Degenerative changes
  • Post Traumatic Degenerative Changes from Fractures or Facet Joint Dislocations
  • Epidural Fibrosis following Spinal Surgery
  • Disc Fibrosis from Annular Tears
Changes forecasted with a FutureSpine® model are
  • Clinically demonstrated in the spine literature
  • Supported by biomechanical principles
  • Universally accepted by reputable spine physicians and researchers

Envision Your Client’s Spine 20 years into the Future