About OrthoClick®

OrthoClick® is a physician directed, web based orthopedic company that creates 3D interactive, custom animated digital orthopedic models directly from a client’s actual MRI scan. These real-time, interactive models allow legal and medical experts to fully navigate the injured areas of a client’s spine or joint. They accurately depict the extent of your client’s injury to jurors, insurance adjusters, opposing counsel and judges.

Our 3D interactive, real time orthopedic models have taken years of research to properly reflect textures, dimensions, depth, and precision of the human spine and peripheral joints. Our research has included cadaveric dissection, viewing of microscopic anatomy, fluoroscopic motion studies and intra-operative exposure. Both normal and abnormal findings were consistently compared to MR and CT images. Our final 3D interactive models have survived rigorous criticism and scrutiny by collaborating spine and orthopedic physicians. The creation of each unique model is closely supervised by these physicians and certified as complete and authentic only when it reflects the exact findings on available images.

As a company, OrthoClick® has embraced four basic core values – Integrity, Quality, Accuracy, and Service. Each of these values are demonstrated in our meticulous attention to detail, delivery of our final product, and our business conduct. Our mission as a company is best represented by the phrase, We Bring Imaging to Life.®

Dr Lennard at his desk

Our Four Basic Core Values

Integrity, Quality, Accuracy, Service

—Ted A. Lennard, MD