Custom Interactive Spine and Joint Exhibits
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From Your Client’s MRI Scan

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Accident Cases

Attorneys, send us your client’s MRI scan


We create an easy to use, custom, 3D interactive digital spine or joint model for your case


Visual impact that increases your case value

OrthoClick® is a physician directed, web based orthopedic company that creates 3D interactive, custom animated digital orthopedic models directly from a client’s actual MRI scan. These real-time, interactive models allow legal and medical experts to fully navigate the injured areas of a client’s spine or joint. They accurately depict the extent of your client’s injury to jurors, insurance adjusters, opposing counsel and judges.

“I just tried a slip and fall FELA case in Chicago, IL.  The defense vigorously fought both the nature and extent of our client's injuries.  We used an OrthoClick® 3D model to show the jury our client's injuries.  The software ran flawlessly during use with our expert and treating physicians.  We were able to add and remove elements on the fly-including surgical hardware, bone structures, and the original MRI film.  With several witnesses, we showed the 3D image of the post fusion MRI and then removed the bone structure to show just how large the screws and other hardware were that were used to fuse the vertebra together.  The folks at OrthoClick® were very easy to work with. They provided a detailed model based on our client's surgical notes and imaging in a very short turnaround time.  I was very pleased with their service and results at trial.  I will use OrthoClick again and highly recommend them!"

Brett Emison, Langdon & Emison   Lexington, MO

The OrthoClick® Advantage


Traditional Animation

Traditional medical animations limit your interactive control with the product. Animations function on a start-stop timeline and prevent users from navigating layers, isolating images and moving freely around the image.


OrthoClick® 3D Model

OrthoClick® 3D interactive digital models put full control in a user’s hands with its real-time capabilities. Users have the freedom to customize the spine or joint model during presentation, which allow injuries to be highlighted, therefore enhancing your client’s case. This is the OrthoClick® Advantage.

Unique Features

  • Fully interactive, realtime, 3D digital model
    • Use on PC or Mac
    • Zoom in or zoom out
    • Maneuver the spine or joint in any direction
    • Navigate each layer of the spine or joint
    • Highlight and isolate injured areas of the spine or joint
    • Pause view at any time
    • Include or eliminate the superimposed MRI scan image
  • Label specific structures of the 3D model
    • Turn on or turn off labels
    • Labels remain stable with movement or image magnification
  • Spine and orthopedic physicians review and approve all spine and joint models

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